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Three wrongs don't make a right. Why the left, the Tatas and Mamta are all wrong
Three wrongs don't make a right. Why the left, the Tatas and Mamta are all wrong... (Jan 2007)

When the Left came to power about 30 years back in West Bengal, the then Finance Minister of West Bengal Shri Ashok Mitra had said that "we will give the capitalists sleepless nights"...

Had Jessica been a dalit, Ram Jethmalani would have had it easy
Had Jessica been a dalit, Ram Jethmalani would have had it easy (Dec 2006)

Recently, a leading media house organised a conclave in which the who's who of Indian Polity, Civil Society and global leaders came and spoke on what they think about India's future potential...

Dr. Manmohan Singh and his team
Dr. Manmohan Singh and his team need lessions in sensitivity from Prof. Yunus (Nov 2006)

While year after year, strange economists keep getting the Nobel Prize for Economics for equally strange and meaningless impractical formulas...

Gandhigiri is at best a comic relife... Even true Gandhism can't revive today's India (Oct 2006)

First things first. I saw Lage Raho Munnabhai and enjoyed it totally. I was in splits almost throughout the movie and even had tears in my eyes just before the interval...

New inspiration of india
L. N. Mittal : The New inspiration for india inc., ushers in a new era in globalization (July 2006)

June 15, 1950, in Rajasthan, within Sadulpur town, District Churu, is born the world's fourth richest individual. Of course, he's not the world's fourth richest when he is born; he's not even rich...

government irrationalities
Ugh... Even the best case for reservations fails in front of government's irrationalities! (June 2006)

The last time I wrote on the reservations issue, I wrote completely against what the government was proposing, because I genuinely believe that this is completely and shamelessly politically driven and surely not the way...
give them education
Empower them. Give them education. Not reservation. (May 2006)

During my childhood, stories of the manner in which feudal upper caste Indians treated their lower caste brethren - the Dalits, Harijans or backward castes - used to make my blood boil just like the stories of how Americans treated the...
Beat up all the Gandhians & make truce with the violence mongers - that's Mahatma Gandhi's India for you! (April 2006)

Violent revolutions - as Marx put it - or violent movements or plain violence; history is proof to the fact that what succeeded worldwide as a mode of change and evolution failed in India...
Rang de basanti
Dear Mr. Prime Minister, Rang De Basanti is a hit; But It's you who can help the generation awaken! (Mar 2006)

"We are useless souls and worth nothing... We can do nothing!" cries Aamir Khan, in one of the most touching and defining moments in Rang De Basanti...

business of cricket
The business of cricket and the Dravid-ian Chappel-ian shame! (Jan 2006)

Cricket is the most easily accessible example of team work, leadership, management & professionalism available to Indian masses being aired to a billion Indians every other day. ..
Iran Excuse
Iran is the excuse. The new war is between the Dollar and the Euro (Nov 2005)

For years Americans have had it very easy. As a result of the Dollar being the universally accepted form of international currency, the US made merry at the cost of the rest of the world...
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