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Amazing Facts

India tops the list of 30 most attractive emerging markets for mass retailers. There is strong conformity that the share of the country's organized retail segment has grown dramatically and will continue to do so; some estimate it at 9 per cent of the industry. That can be a stronger reason to celebrate than any other. India badly needs real growth.

Source: Retailer's Association of India.

In contrast to above be the plight of the 58 percent of Indians who still don't have a means of livelihood. Apart from the several other reasons for joblessness is the illiteracy among 36% men and 55% of women in the rural areas. In that case is not it easier to solve the problem when one knows the cause.

Source: Employment report by the government.

As if that was news that, 175 political parties registered with the Election Commission are in trouble for money laundering activities. Still, in the era of RTI let us all give food to our grey matters and use our fundamental rights for better.

Source: PTI

About 40 per cent of the 51,770 farmer households surveyed by the National Sample Survey Organization said they would quit farming, given a choice. About 27 per cent said they did not like farming because it was not profitable. Eight per cent said it was a "risky proposition." Does that mean that India has actually become a developed country, where farming is a secondary business?

Source: NSSO

Think again before you commit a crime. Tihar Jail is bursting of inmates. Eight prisoners share the cell meant for three. Does that mean Delhi needs more prisons or is it that it needs to check the growing crime rate of 497.6 crimes per 100,000 population, 2.7 times the national rate of 183.2(NCRB).

Source: National Crime Records Bureau

Almost one in three people are affected by gun crime .New International survey from the Control Arms Campaign came up with the gunning fact: Uncontrolled proliferation of weapons has blighted every corner of the globe, with millions of people living in daily fear of becoming a victim of armed violence. In this nuclear age, Peace is the one condition of survival.

Source: Amnesty International, Oxfam International and International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA).

Leaving the Nawanshahar district of Punjab ,the state has the male female ratio of 784 women to every 1000 men. Its only Jalalmajra (village in Nawanshahar district) that has achieved the commendable and unattainable rate of 1100 per thousand males. The village was awarded with Rs. three lakhs for registering more female than male births. This actually is a good lesson for jaipur ,where a few days back female foetuses were found dumped in a lake.

Source: Punjab Newsline

All the rice gobblers beware .Around 85% of the rice produced by FCI in Punjab and Haryana in some cases during the period 2000-2005 was "beyond rejection Limit" (not fit for human consumption).As the trend goes this figure is expected to increase further.


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