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Need The Dough?
Volume 3 Issue II | August-October-2008

This finance journal is an IIPM Intelligence & Publications Unit endeavour to bring out well researched articles on contemporary industry issues and other pertinent subject matters, case studies, all specifically from the field of finance, accounting, financial services, investments, capital markets and other related areas.



2008 so far for Global financial market & Outlook

By Chintan Karnani Director, Insignia Consultant,
New Delhi, India

Interest rates are just a short term measure to stabilize the stock markets. Japan has been following a zero interest rate policy (ZIRP) over the past few years and results are not at all spectacular

Confuse Me � Confuse Me Not�!!!
By Prof. Hari Parmeshwar
IIPM, New Delhi

�Blaming speculators as a response to financial crisis goes back at least to the Greeks. It�s almost always the wrong response.�

Can Stops Really Protect Your Loss
By Mr. Noble DraKoln
President, Liverpool
Derivatives Group

The Mystic Sensex
By Prof. Tejashree Kapoor
IIPM, Bangalore

In medium to long run the stock market would still be driven by the fundamentals of the economy, as much as we might see a negative correlation between crude price and Sensex

Disinvestment of Public Sector Enterprises in India
By Mr. Mukesh Kumar,
Chartered Accountant,

The studies of disinvestment process in various countries have shown that there is no universally-applicable model of privatization programme and that every country has tailored its specific objectives and constraints


World Markets - Critical Inflexion Point round the Corner

By Mr. Pushkaraj Kanitkar
Head - Technical Research & Strategy, Pace
Financial Services, India

This period has acquired special significance because of the synchronous movement of short term and medium term cycles not only across geographies but also across asset classes.

All That Glitters is Not Gold
By Khandwala Securities Ltd,
Mumbai, India

�Since the very beginnings of civilisation, untold legions of men have toiled for it, fought for it and all too often died for it.�

The Long and the Short of the Stock market Crash

By Ms. Bhuvna Ravi
Director, Abhay Capital Services Pvt Ltd
New Delhi, India

Stock Markets -Have they Decoupled?
By Mr. Imran Contractor
Investment Advisor, Reliance Capital

CDO and CDS were derivatives on the securitized debt which had parcels of sub-prime loans mainly on houses or real estates


Power of Penny Stocks Unleashed !

By Prof. Tareque Laskar,
IIPM, Bangalore

Although it is apparent that money can be lost easily through penny stocks, but if these stocks move favorably then they can produce hundreds of percentage point gains in a fairly short span of time

Put your Money to Work
By Mr. Dinesh Thakkar
Chairman & Managing Director
Angel Broking


Interview with Mr. Rishi Sahai

Board Director, IndusView

Interview with Mr. Jagannadham Thunuguntla
Equity Head - NEXGEN Capitals Limited

Canaan Partners � The Venture Catalyst
By Mr. Alok Mittal,
Managing Director, Canaan Partners

�Internet in India is a supply constraint as there are enough users but not enough applications�


Big Numbers Miss Real Figures

By Mr. Ashok Jainani
Vice President - Research, Market Strategy
Khandwala Securities Limited,
Mumbai, India

Tough days ahead for RBI to reign in the inflation.

Credit Derivatives & Emerging Financial Risk Landscape in India
By Mr.Pramod K. Yadav,
Fellow Program in Management
IIM Ahmedabad

Credit Derivatives are indeed one of the most innovative and dynamic financial instruments that may enhance the liquidity in the system and may enable the banks to manage risk better

(F)laws of Attraction
By Mr. Asif Ahmed
Editor, Daily Indian Media
New Delhi, India

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