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Strategic Innovators
November-January 2009, Volume 2 Issue 2

"Strategic Innovators" is a refereed journal on contemporary strategic management trends, published every quarter. Through this journal, our aim is to address crucial processes and structural management practices across industries and geographies that deliver significant and relevant value to senior business executives.

INSIDEStrategic Innovators - Volume-1 issue-2

Strategic Insight

Mortgage Capital And Its Particularities:
A New Frontier For Global Finance

By Dr. Saskia Sassen
Professor, Sociology, Columbia University

How Earning Per Share Affects Leverage Decision

Much has been talked about the Earning Per Share (EPS). But does it have any impact on the leverage decision. How a firm with high P/E ratio will have an incentive-based on Earning per share - to avoid debt.

The Impact of Balance Scorecard on Organisational Performance

The causality claim of the balance scorecard says improved performance of the intangible assets lead to improved financial performance of the organisation. The authors duo compares companies using balanced scorecard and companies not using balanced scorecard to uphold the realities...

Corporate Social Responsibility and Marketing Management

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an important thing in the developed West. But the development of CSR is taking shape in the developing countries. CSR is yet to be thoroughly researched in the East. This study is an attempt in this direction. CSR has a major influence in the marketing function of any business firm. The major quest has been to find answer to such questions like do consumers react favorably to products from socially responsible companies? Does CSR build a good image for the firm and other such lines of enquiry and deliberations?

Strategic issues

Repeat Impressions can Create a Personal Brand

As part of a series, this second piece focuses on how repeat impressions can form a personal brand. It builds upon first impressions to show that subsequent—and consistent—impressions can culminate into your unique personal brand.

Do Innovations Really Payoff? Total Stock Market Returns to Innovation

Innovation is probably one of the most important forces in fueling the growth of new products, sustaining incumbents, creating new markets, transforming industries, and promoting the global competitiveness of nations. The author has discussed: Do innovations really payoff?

Best Practice

Identifying Future Markets

Niccolo Machiavelli described a creative mind as one that did not necessarily know the right answer to a question but knew when the wrong question was being asked. Al Giacco, the author of Maverick Management thinks that Mergers are an example of an answer to the wrong question being asked. Why? Here is the answer...

Why Frames are better than Cells at the Network Edge?

Though many of the arguments put forth in favor of ATM are true, today, it is well understood that ATM’s one-size-fits-all approach sacrifices link efficiency and generates scalability problems for networks. The main intent of this white paper is to dispel the notion that ATM is the best alternative for edge networks.

Case Study

Managerial and Professional Women in Extreme Jobs

The author here has described the impact of long working hours and suggested to introduce flexible working schedule.

Reservation Does not Make Much Economic Sense

Looking at the whole issue of reservations in a rational perspective there can be no two opinions that the underprivileged section has to be protected. But the question is: should reservation be the instrument to protect them?

CEO Profile

Moon Bum Shin, Managing Director of LG India

Being the man at the helm of LG’s seemingly impregnable fortress in the Indian market, Moon Bum Shin is a contended man but future driven. Meet this Chief Entertaining Officer here...

Path Breaker

Richard Morris, Managing Director, Commercial, Asia, Tai Ping Carpets

No, we don’t mean a fairy tale, nor do these Chinese carpets know how to fly. But, what Richard Morris has done is far greater; he has made Tai Ping Carpets fly and that too without a Genie…

Book review

Business Creativity by Arthur Gogatz and Reuben Mondejar

Can creativity be taught? Can it be learned? Is creativity enhancement possible? Why aren’t we all naturally and consistently creative? Here are the answers...

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