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International Issues - Puerile Israel
E C O N O M Y : P A L E S T I N E

Puerile Israel
China suffers income inequality

   In the ensuing battle zone of West Asia, the dilapidated economy and gradual emasculation of the Palestinian State by the strong arm tactics of Israel are least Puerile Israeldiscussed and often ignored. Imposition of curfews and closures in the whole of West Bank and Gaza Strip has had the most crippling effects on the Palestinian economy. It is estimated that on each day of closure, the Palestinian economy loses about $8.45 million, totaling up to $336 million in the last year alone. This estimate does not include the loss to the physical infrastructure and human lives. Unemployment in Palestine is slated to increase from 23% in 2005 to 39% in 2006. Also, the UN estimates poverty will shoot up from 44% in 2005 to 67% in 2006. Even support funds from Israel (in the form of tax receipts), US, UN, EU and Russia were cutoff after Hamas emerged victorious in the 2006 elections. The Palestinian authorities are now facing a cash deficit totaling $1 billion a year, which has forced it to postpone all salary payments to its employees. The world has to lift this blockade; Palestine is no Iraq, and Hamas no Saddam Hussein.

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