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International Issues
O I L   H U N T  :  C H I N A
The Great Wall...
...in African Safari of India

   Both China and India are among the frontrunners in terms of economic growth and resurgence of third world and have an insatiable need for fuel to keep their respective economies rolling. Yet, while one has surged ahead with 'out of the boxDesperately needs 
Chinese lessons. thinking', the other is still wondering about shedding the flab. It is not only about the fact that China today is around a $2 trillion economy while India a $800 billion, but also about the way China is gearing up to secure its oil future with a comprehensive national policy unlike us. The defeat of ONGC Videsh in the hands of China National petroleum Corporation while vying for oil fields is becoming an everyday affair. Note that India has never endeavoured to trudge into Africa & this is where China has outsmarted India once again.

China doesn't bother about anything but business and thereby venturing into most of the Sub-Saharan countries like Sudan, Angola, Chad, Libya Algeria - all with huge booty of oil to offer in lieu of money & cheap Chinese products. Not only this, China plays catalyst for social & economic development and even interferes in critical policy issues like pressurising Sudan to allow the UN troops to enter. This might not sound news when compared to the bombshell of how China checkmated the Chad government to sever diplomatic ties with Taiwan. Given that African nations vote as a block in the UN, the Chinese plan in Africa is more than it meets the eyes. When shall Team Manmohan learn to play like Team Jiabao?

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