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International Issues
L A B A N O N  : T O U R S I M
Le'-Ban-On Tours
The country's tourism suffers

   WMissiles that targetted the belly...ar leaves back its memories, the impact of which is felt even long after the memory of the war has faded from the mind. Nothing could have described the plight of the tourism- based Lebanese economy than this. The fragile economy, which was resurrecting itself from the aftermath of a 15-year-long civil war, was crushed again under the weight of a month-long Israeli adventure against the Hezbollah. The war not only took many lives and wounded even more, but also made it sure that for a long time to come, tourists would not make the exotic Lebanon their destination. Nearly 25% of Lebanese GDP depended on tourist influx; and the revenue, along with the employment it generated for several Lebanese, was phenomenal. Yet, it isn’t just about the 34-day war. Even before the war, Lebanon had plunged into one of the worst political crisis in recent times with the assassination of its former Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri, in early 2005. Lebanon today is the perfect illustration of the misery that a war leaves behind for the people who were spared from being killed and thought it as a blessing. A country whose public debt is 209% of GDP, external debt is $31 billion and unemployment rate is 20%, almost has no solace in sight.

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