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International Issues
L A N G U A G E  : C U L T U R A L  D E S T R U C T I O N
What has Turkey got to do with it?
In their eagerness to join the EU, Turkey destroys cultural memory

   TThe virtues of subjucation...he lasting repercussions of colonialism, are still being felt. Language, in such cases, has become a tool to maintain cultural hegemony of the First world, the latest being an example in Turkey. Nobel Laureate, Orhan Pamuk, noted, "Removal of the Arabian alphabet in favour of Latin ones in Turkey has led to the forcible obliteration of cultural memory." The above-mentioned change reflected Istanbul's eagerness to join the EU. The mandatory steps then, were forcible dissociation for the Turkish children with Ottoman history (as the empire was formed after defeating the West).

In several other countries as well, the impact of Caucasian learning has been noticed by scholars. "Children in India are still taught how Vasco da Gama 'discovered' India," notes Linguist Shaileshwar Sati, "and Nigerian children learn the rhymes of snowfalls during Christmas and white skinned fairies visiting virtuous children!" While colonialisation might be dead, its domination over the mind has lived happily ever after...

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