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International Issues
W O M E N : M O T H E R H O O D

A treatise on an undeniable right

   TA higher than fundamental righthis world has witnessed differences almost on every count. Perceptions have differed while disagreements have been there perhaps on every social, political and economic issue. Confrontations for land, water, power among others have led to wars and unimaginable plight of every kind; but one place where everyone should have converged to agree upon is undoubtedly the essence of motherhood, perhaps the most beautiful of the many aspects of femininity, an unchallenged virtue through years.

No matter what language people communicate in, which culture, place they belong to, each and everyone recognizes the sacrifice or the pain any mother undergoes to or suffers while giving birth to a child. Mothers across civilisations play an integral role in the upbringing of the child, and in shaping the child’s character and personality. The world over, it has been proved that children, who do not get enough attention from their mother, lack with respect to some or the other issue. Moreover, the reason given by researchers as to why more children today are suffering from mental disorders and are visiting psychiatrists quite often, is that those children have been given improper attention and care. For the world divided and for the world disjointed, is it not then the time to emulate the essence of motherhood?

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