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International Issues
U G A N D A  : A D U L T E R Y  L A W
5th of April, 2007
Ugandan women will remember

   WLooking aheadell, the date is important as Uganda’s biased adultery laws got their first hit on that day. But first the background! Ugandan adultery laws for years have had a biased clause, wherein, any woman having an extramarital relation could be punished with a fine or imprisonment of upto 10 years, while a man could have an affair without any conditions. The law unbelievably allowed married men of Uganda have extramarital affairs or relationships with any unmarried women. The law ordained that a man could only be prosecuted if he had an affair with a married woman. Not that Uganda is the benchmark of human rights, but still, such an adultery law questioned the basic tenet of equality of men and women. The Law and Advocacy Group for Women in Uganda, a women’s rights advocacy group, challenged these clauses; and finally, on April 5, 2007, Uganda’s Court ordered changes in the adultery law, paving way for it to be scrapped totally. The case provides a leading beacon for women in African countries against this new-age apartheid! Protesting works... so what if late!

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