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National Issues - New Dia'Tribes
B O R D E R : D I S P U T E

Fence those borders, right now

   India shares a 1,670 km long land border, and about 200 km long maritime boundary with Myanmar. Though the borders are peaceful and report no major threat, the cultural intermingling and free movement of tribals up to 16 km (as per the new diatribesagreement between the Indian and the Myanmarese government) of the borders simultaneously present an opportunity and a threat to the security fabric of India. With separatist groups thriving on the support of arms supply and other resources from across the border, the management of this particular border is quite urgent, as comprehensive fencing of the area in question has still not been taken as an important issue. Historically, many insurgent groups - like the Nagas, Mizos and Tripuris - have had their bases in Myanmar. While there have been demands for independence in the rebel groups in India, certain groups, like the Kuki Chin and Zomi Liberation Front, have actually been fighting against Myanmar, demanding a merger of their land with India. Critically, having a free passage between the border towns of Moreh in Manipur and Tamu in Myanmar, several rebel groups - notably ULFA and NSCN - are now engaged in drug trafficking in the region for funding their arms supply. Border control is not only a most necessary ask for controlling these malaises, but in fact also for ensuring future stability of the region itself.

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