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National Issues - Indi Chat
S O C I T Y : I N T E R N E T   C H A T I N G

Indi Chat
Age sex location for uninitiated

   The transcript of two-way chatting sequence on the internet has a mark of invariables. Amidst the invariables, the variables have some similarity and strangeness to it. For newcomers, these might appear to be similar to Air Traffic control towers instructing hostile aircraft to leave the air-space or stammers of any struggling actor. But these electronic mock-ups, the virtual existence of the real life situation or let's say the cyber hang-outs for all and sundry have extremely 'normal' chatting sequence of starting with 'asl' question (age, sex and location to be precise). Though the exceptions are always there, but invariably, the element of desire narrows to getting the opposite sex on board and initiating real 'hot' conversation.indi chat

Of the several usage of the cyber-space, it is anonymous communication that is gaining immensely in popularity among all age-groups. Critics, psychologists and sociologists have, however, been divided in explaining its 'not so strange' contents. Even for them, these are not really earth shattering discoveries as they invariably consist of interlocking motives and needs of the contemporary civilisation. Opinions have varied from calling it a normal male-female attraction to the extremes of perverted sexuality. Psychologists confer that lonely individualism, family turbulence, late marriages, metropolitan culture have all in different ways contributed to these occurrences.

The security of anonymity in cyber-space, identity exploration and perceived loss of belonging have been reasoned to lead to weaving of intricate fantasy world in chat-rooms, where everything from name to gender can be concealed. It can be like living in a fictitious world, with its own rules, fads and fetishes. While avatars might pictographically represent the fancy, the user id might also conceal the persona. Each id from 'Kthecoolest' to 'hottie30', has something to it. Objective straight jacketing of this behavioural trend is bound to fail, but even for the obvious, the reasons are always there. So don't stop hunting.

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