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National Issues
D I S P U T E  :  S I R   C R E E K

Creeky content
Another Kargil in making...

   Of the numerous disputes that India has with Pakistan, Sir Creek issue remains as another 'unfinished agenda of partition'. The creek is about 96 km long sandwiched between the land (on the Gujrat coast) continues to be uninhabited butThe next Kargil? heavily contested marshlands. The area having little military significance holds immense economic gains as it is estimated that the sea beds hold huge stocks of gas and oil reserves. The demarcation of boundary then has become the bone of contention between the two countries for several decades. The 1914 agreement between the Government of Sindh and Maharaj of Kutch made both sides agree to a boundary line running through the middle of the creek as a border.

The Indian side cites reference of the same agreement for claiming the median line formula for the resolution of the dispute. The Pakistanis on the other hand claim the whole of creek as their own. In the present status, one side of the creek remains under Pakistan's control while Indian navy occupy the other side. It has been reported in the media that amassing of Pakistani troops in the non-disputed area is a regular phenomenon. The obvious worry is then as to whether or not that would translate into the Kargilisation of the disputed area: Indians have to be cautious for that.

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