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National Issues
S P O R T S : D O P I N G

Superdoper Feat!
What punishment will solve this?

   SClaim to shameince the strength of an individual now does not lie anymore in the agility and ability but in the numerous ways one is ready to deceit, even the most respectable fraternity of sportsmen remains untouched with immoral actions.

As if not winning medals on both foreign and their own home turf was not good enough, they are adding insult to injury by mindlessly getting mired into controversies surrounding the use of banned drugs. Had it just been the controversy of weightlifter Malleswari's case (though later cleared) in the last Athens Games, or the recent one of preventing the discus thrower, Seema Antil, from participating in the Asiad Games at Doha, Indian sports club as ever is never far behind in these infamous acts.

And all the apex sports bodies, including the Sports Authority of India, is letting it happen. Well, if they collectively cannot bring accolades and name to the country that nurtures them, they should at least be that shameful not to malign the recognition for this country. Both psychological and physiological consulting is imperative to bail out athletes from the deplorable condition and thereby to create a spirit of sportsmanship.

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