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National Issues
F A I L U R E : E D U C A T I O N

Without roofs...
Educating the 'natural' way??

>   Stop wondering, 
this is school after all...Where on one hand urban India is witnessing investments for higher education, for a smaller population, millions of children are still waiting for some miracle that would provide them with amenities of basic education. With 70% people living in rural India, 35% under poverty line, the need for basic education with working infrastructure is glaringly evident. Roofless Municipality schools, without any facility of toilets and drinking water, one teacher to teach everything to all the students, is what no child living in India's 600,000 villages, certainly is waiting for. Moreover, out of 146 million children that enroll every year in primary education across the country, 59 million drop out before reaching class 8 due to insufficient support by the government.

Although parliament decided to allot Rs.98 billion annually for promoting education, the amount is not even sufficient to provide roofs to the roofless mud houses, in which these so-called schools are running (leave the matter of providing food and toilets aside).

When Azim Premji Foundation can make efforts to educate Karnataka and Andra Pradesh alone, then why can't the governments with such huge funds at their disposal not do it for the rest, remains an unanswered question.

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