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National Issues
V E D I C : M A T H E M A T I C S

99578 x 94740?!!
Vedic maths learning is unique

   ATraditional knowlege is not a waste..ny day if you chance upon those hundreds of management entrance preparatory centers, you might for a moment think that you have entered a classroom teaching some ancient scripture. And yet it is neither a class of philosophy, nor for something similar. Welcome to the world of Vedic mathematics. The effectiveness, simplicity and unconventional approach to number crunching, which was never part of our curriculum for reasons not entirely apolitical, are eventually finding place in management preparatory classes where students are finding it easier to employ what has been their conformist approach; and to happily unlearn what has been indoctrinated in them for the entire fifteen years of formal education and accept something which is path breaking and which helps in the real time of need. For all the pretensions of secularism that we propagate to have in this country, it is really intriguing that at a time when the west itself is finding a newer way to enthuse their progenies in taking interest in mathematics through the unconventional methods stated in Vedic mathematics, we in India find it politically incorrect to apply this. Or do we?

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