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National Issues
C O U N T R Y : L I Q U O R

Liquor vs Coke!
Sadly, liquor wins hands down

   TThe toxic smileshe harsh reality is India has millions of drunkard guardians who sacrifice theirentire life and family for their obsession with drinking. There is one more reason for such drinkers to be stunned. The most well respected and renowned medical journal Lancet published a report in 2007, which ranked alcohol as being 5th in the list of the 20 ‘most dangerous drugs’ like heroine or cocaine. Liquor is placed higher than some Class A narcotics like Ecstasy for its greater tendency of induction and addiction, effect on families, societies and communities and possibility of causing death. Thousands are estimated to be killed every day from chronic intake.

Let’s look at how hypocritical have been India’s politicians, who ostensibly are extremely well concerned about the health and well being of our citizens. While during the Coke and Pepsi pesticide controversy, some South Indian state governments criticised Pepsi and Coca-Cola and even banned them. But when the debate came around to liquor, the same governments, though banning country liquor, shamelessly promoted Indian made foreign liquor. It’s quite unfathomable how, under the garb of excise and employment, cigarettes and liquor are still considered legal business products.

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