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   Prashanto Banerji - Features Editor - The Sunday Indian

Prashanto Banerji
Features Editor - The Sunday Indian

A river runs through us

Western UP�s dry brown countryside had turned a vivid green with the rains. The lonely road, a long leafy boulevard, was a car killer. Broken and jagged, it rattled bones and churned the marrow. But the sight of sugar cane fields...

A bird’s eye view

The two tall wiry men spied our car and fled. My friend Rahul and I were on one of Delhi�s busiest roads while the two men were tearing along the footpath, hoping to escape through one of the narrow lanes that run perpendicular...

My, am I sore

Drat! I was late again. I had woken up at an ungodly hour, endured an animated soliloquy in Kannada by a cabbie who didn�t believe in brushing or rushing and begged and pleaded with a middle aged morning walker who...

A nose for trouble

�The Filipino girls might seem a comely lot. They�ll seem to like you easily, and without discrimination. But don�t get too excited. Remember, any girl who approaches you is either blind or a street-walking transvestite looking...

So that i too may rest in peace. . .

I don�t remember how I felt at my grand father�s funeral. I remember the day well enough, it�s just that I do not remember how I felt� Perhaps I did not feel much that day, other than a numbness...

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