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Marred Myanmar
Thanks to the regime, a nation completely lost in oblivion

Unfortunately there are some economies whose existence have reduced to a mere lanmass, somewhere on this planet, earth! They are in a state of perpetual amnesia, particularly with respect to their existence in peoples� memory.

With its foreign relations completely gagged, Myanmar owes its allegiance (!!!) to none but the military regime for the prevailing contemptible state. When world over human right activists are shouting at top of their voice for myriad reasons of human exploitation, women in Myanmar silently submit themselves to the continuous maltreatment (systematic rape and sex slavery for the military) by the military since the erosion of women�s rights in 1962. Although the protests in 1988 saw the victory of the National League for Democracy, the pioneer of this democratic movement, Aung San Sui Kyi, was put under house arrest thereby putting a halt to what could have been a paradigm shift for Myanmar. The world is not unaware of the monopoly of the military regime in Burma resulting to which several human rights organisations including that of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have rebuked the former for its oppression. Although Myanmar has been making attempts at incorporating FDI, yet eight investment honchos with assets worth �400 billion between them, have cautioned investors against the impending risk of investing. In the past, Japan and the US attempt to cut off aids and Washington�s imposition of sanctions with the motive of overhauling the military has all gone for a toss.

The least that one can do is to snigger at the malicious military regime for the self-accredition that they think they deserve for dictating a country where the majority cannot even afford the basics of survival even at the end of the 20th century.

Tanaya Bose

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