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Who shrunk the kids?
Bonded child labour is still rampant in India..

The most manipulative of the plethora of examples is when a group of bawling protestors (against child labour) campaigning on the roads, stop over at a roadside tea-stall and invariably summon some chhotu to place their order. It�s actually intriguing as to what exactly drives these protesters, because their conduct clearly demonstrates that the cause of child labour is nothing more than a faint excuse.

With about 60 million to 115 million child labourers, India beats any other country in the world by a huge margin. And at least 15 million of this population is working as bonded labour. To choose working when there are financial problems is one thing but to be sent to work just because the relatives have debt (ranging between Rs.500 and Rs.7500) to repay, is another thing and is evidently more traumatic for a child. However, such is the wrath of bonded labour that it warrants a child to work even if he is unwell. Carpet weaving industry is one business which has been most notorious in exploiting bonded child labour (3, 00,000 children). And this figure accounts to only 2% of the entire bonded labour that is available in India. Child labour also finds its presence in abundance as an integral part of the domestic and export industry, production of silk sarees, silver jewellery, synthetic and precious gemstones and these pitifully puny lives are also vehemently made to plunge into prostitution, small restaurant jobs and domestic helping.

At the cost of sounding laconic one would observe that the Indian Government�s effort to save its vulnerable children has been toothless and gone for a serious toss, as the policies introduced have only manifested insignificant results. It�s time now that India rises to the crisis and saves its gullible children from the excruciating agony which they suffer.

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