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Save Mother(s) India�
Without saving mothers of India, we cant save Mother India

Economic prosperity is always expected to simultaneous human development. Economic growth without higher living standard is like a perfect body without soul. Unfortunately India presents a stark contrast with perfect exceptions especially when it comes to status (especially health) of women. Apart from uncountable discriminations for centuries; whether it is social, political, and/or economical, women’s motherhood is now in danger.

The country has shamelessly topped in the list of maternal death in ‘The State of the world’s Mother’ report in 2007 by ‘Save the children’, a US based NGO. It has touched a record high of 1, 36,000 every year which is much higher than some of the less economically sound countries like Nigeria, Congo, Pakistan and Ethiopia. Mother India has also ranked 61st in mothers index ranking-2007 because of high risk of maternal mortality (MR). However, in such a big country like India, maternal mortality varies from regions. Bimaru states like Rajasthan (670), Uttar Pradesh (707), Madhya Pradesh (498), Bihar (454) has far higher contributions to this. Children are also worst sufferers. Some conservative estimation shows, of total 10 million child maternal deaths in the world, almost 1.9 million are reported in India. In addition to these, teenage pregnancy is rampant in the country which leads to their high risk of death. Despite having child marriage restraint act, 1978, 34% girls are married in India. The National Family Health survey stated that merely one in three deliveries takes place in health care facilities and unattended by trained medical professionals.

High rate of mortality is the clear reflection of poor care and facilities. When mothers constitute about 22% of the total population then why are they still neglected? Though, national, international bodies are on a race to set new vision to eradicate mortality but, all are desperately crying for implementation, create awareness. When can the world expect healthy India having healthy mothers??? Still have to wait to watch…

Tanaya Bose

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