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So much for a Woman
The other side of Uncle Sam, when it comes to women

When the world is celebrating womanhood with such exhortation, why does it feel that there still exists a grain of predicament in such jubilation?

Lets begin with the world’s most developed economy US, where Condoleezza Rice serves as the first African American Secretary of the State, where Hillary Clinton is struggling for the post of the US’ s first female American President. American women have a lesser possibility to hold elected offices than others do. In 2001, women constituted a meager 13% of the U.S. senate and a mere 13.6% of the House of Representatives. The first female speaker of the same was only as late as January, 2007. At the State level women consisted of only 22.3% of State legislatures and in a third of all states women’s political representation dropped between 1996 to 2002. Also, women served as Mayors in 19 out of 100 largest cities. In 2004, Bush Administration reportedly tampered and manipulated with a plethora of women issues (on the Government web site) which addressed women’s health, objective scientific data, their economic status and other data related to advancement of women. In NASA, which US flaunts flamboyantly, when a workshop was held which otherwise aimed at ‘sex/gender inclusion’, an ‘in-flight research’ was apparently specified to be a man’s domain. In Wyoming of US, women have the least equity with men, implying that the former earns only 64.4% of men’s wages. 31.9% full-time male workers in US make above $50,000 in contrast with 13.2% women as estimated in 2000.

Also four women die everyday because of assault by husbands and boyfriends, 5,72,000 women are battered annually and 1.2 million are raped by their ex or current partners per year. The pompous country which boasts of benevolence stooped to as low as talking of Hillary Clinton’s dress with low neckline as a deliberate display of body parts…an example that exhumes the deriding side of America’s perception of women.

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