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A F R I C A : E T H I O P I A
Ethiopian Dreams
Ethiopian encroachments makes Africa unstable..

Which country next boss???As the only country in Africa with almost no record of colonial control, Ethiopia remains as poverty-stricken economy based on agriculture. Suffering frequent drought, this highly indebted economy has faced the ravages of war (2002 war led to 2% decline in the GDP) internally as against its neighbours. Ever since the creation of Eritrea, the mutual animosity and armed posturing has ensured the prevention of demarcation of the Ethiopian-Eritrean boundary.

Ethiopian manoeuvres and continued interferences in Somalia have ensured that the country continues to face bleak future. Having under it the disputed Ogaden region, the Ethiopian regime has ensured their continued involvement in Somalia. Ethiopian air-strikes against the Islamist Militia in support of the weak Somali interim government have been heavily resented across Somalia.

In fact, Ethiopians have meticulously merged their regional goals with the assumed Western interests. On one hand Eritrea & Islamic Courts Union of Somalia are being labelled to have links with Al-Qaeda on the other, Ethiopia’s liaison with the breakaway Somaliland or its export of arms to Somali warlords is being ignored.
Under given circumstances Africa would continue to live as the continent of darkness.

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