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I N S U R G E N C Y : T A L I B A N
Troubled Durand
The Taliban resurgence poses threat to Afghan borders

Dont come to mess againThe 2,640 kilometer Durand Line that has artificially separated the Pashto nationalities living in Pakistan & Afghanistan is increasingly becoming volatile. The British having faced the reverses in the Afghan wars drew the demarcation line in 1893, which was later reversed by Afghanistan’s Loya Zirga in 1949.

The Pakistani quest since then has been not to allow realignment of border. It sought ‘strategic depth’ in its western region by promoting Taliban so that Afghanistan fails to challenge the Durand Line. After the ouster of Taliban and supposed erosion of Pakistan’s clout in the region, it has continued its belligerence in the region. Resentment has thus been growing after the formation of the national government in Kabul. From media groups to President Karzai (he made a statement on December 12 criticising Pakistan on the issue), each one of them have blamed Pakistan for taking over the realm of Taliban for fomenting trouble in the region.

The resurgent Taliban insurgency (Pakistan supported) thus effectively has the potential of snatching the region from the Americans. And Iran might just see an opening here.

Kumar Anuj

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