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F I R S T   W O R L D : F R A N C E

France is on a decline...forever perhaps

   France is on a decline & the French know it. In spite of being a prominent player in both the Whats going wrongWorld Wars, once a major empire and a counter to the American influence in the last few decades, France is now a mere shadow of its previous self. Emerging economies like China and India have been hogging all the limelight. Being a prominent member of the United Nations Security Council and G-8 notwithstanding, France has often failed to veto American aspirations, especially in the case of Iraq invasion where it could not stop US from going ahead with its agenda. Also, French influence in the NATO is falling (thanks to the US). But alas, its major allies (whom it had supported in the worst of times) like India, seem to be more willing to hobnob with the US, albeit a bitter history. For years, India has been dithering to give the $6.5 billion contract for 126 Multi Role Combat Aircraft to the French company Dassault (who are the makers of the Mirage 2000) lest it annoys the US, (even when the Indian Air Force is all for it), who have been putting up their offerings like the F-16s and F-18s. The frustrated French eventually withdrew their offer of Mirage 2000.
French decline is also about the acceptance of their culture, their lifestyle where too, the US is having its way. Unless it makes drastic changes in its social policies and reverse its economic journey to irrelevance, it would just be added to the list of Greeks and British. Glorious past but doomed future...

Pathikrit Payne

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