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V I O L E N C E : I R E L A N D
MY God vs Your God
The learning from Sinn Feinn for George Bush

sfgate.comSinn Fein's decision to support the Police Service of Northern Ireland, as also to allow the party members to join it, is essentially a landmark decision towards the restoration of normalcy in Northern Ireland, and within which lies a huge promise of a solution for those (read the Bush brigade) who have blatantly blamed Islam for all the malaise in the world. Northern Ireland's past (and even present) fundamentally reveals the fissure that has existed within the christian community i.e. between protestants & catholics. The same has been the problem in USA where catholics and protestants have been at loggerheads on topics ranging from abortion to gay marriages.

Infamous IRA attacks
  • 1974: London, 50 injured
  • 1983: Explosion outside Harrods, 6 dead, 100 injured
  • 1984: Explosion at Conservative Party’s conclave, 5 killed, 24 injured, Prime Minister Thatcher narrowly escapes
  • 1989: Royal Marine School of Music attacked, 10 soldiers killed, 30 injured
  • 1992: Bombing at London’s financial district, 3 killed and property damage in millions
  • 15 June 1996: Manchester bombing, over 200 injured

The same sectarian violence, it must be recalled, resulted in several IRA sponsored terror attacks within UK throughout the past thirty years. But how Britain had handled the same was primarily through intellectual empowerment of the community, rather than demonic steamrolling of humanity using arms and ammunition. Mr. Bush, believing in letting people live, works... really! That's the promise of humanity; 'love', and let live... Will you?

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