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A R A B S: I S R A E L
The failure of humanity
Israel inducts an arab cabinet minister; the arab world scoffs...

Ghaleb Majadele; a chance for peaceSometimes, an event is so intriguing that it becomes too difficult to comprehend; the same can be said about the ascension of Ghaleb Majadele, the first arab Israeli to be sworn in as a Cabinet Minister in Israel. For all the infamous conflicts, the fact that the zionist state itself has 15% arabs often is forgotten; and they’ve been as integral to Israel as the muslim druze community that made their mark in the recent Lebanon war. Critics reason that this act by Israel is more of an effort to buy some fragile arab trust, after the fiasco in the Lebanon war; yet, it can also be argued that within Israel, there has never been any riot between the jews and arabs, nor any major clash. Israeli conflict essentially remains against the Hezbollah and Hamas, which don’t spare the arab Israelis in anyway either. Really, even if the nomination of the muslim minister is really a symbolic gesture, this step still will be a historic start when one has to go a long way in mending the broken bondage between the followers of two great religions. Compare this to the fact that on January 26, 2007, not one member nation of the organisation of Islamic states voted for Israel in the UN resolution condemning the denial of the Holocaust, not one, even symbolically... And there lies the evidence of the failure of millions of years of humanity’s progress, which couldn’t even teach humans how to love each other... even symbolically..

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