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C H I L D R E N : A B U S E
Nithari in your street
Terror in millions of Indian homes and streets

If one was horrified by Nithari, something far worse and unexplored remains confined within the four walls of millions of Indian homes. Millions of children in India have not escaped bias and even physical, psychological and sexual abuse. Childhood is defined by tenderness and innocence, but the contrary holds true now.

A research conducted by the Ministry of Women and Child Welfare has revealed that almost 67% children face physical abuse in India. Conducted across 13 States, the survey noted that Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Assam and Delhi reported the highest number of incidents of child abuse. Moreover, the survey states that almost 53% children face bear the brunt of sexual abuse. The survey covers the entire gamut of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, which highlights the state of children.

What is shocking is that this remains shrouded in secrecy and on most occasions, the perpetrators of abuse are the parents and close relatives in whom the children have reposed trust. Oblivious of protection provided under law, children stoically bear abuses that they are subjected to.

The report revealed that almost 83% children confided that parents were the main perpetrators. If torture at home was not enough, the survey has also revealed that in schools, almost 65% students are subject to corporal punishment.

Children in India are growing up in an atmosphere of discrimination, inequality and torture. The law has a limited reach in checking this social menace. There are several Nitharis within.

Kumar Anuj

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