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Code Red for heat
It's time we show some respect to the work they do...

Sweltering, scorching mid-June of the national capital. Melting tar of the roads, the merciless sun and the discomfort that seeks solace in adjectives. The blinking lights of traffic signals irritate and annoy, and the world seems divided between those who can afford the cool environs of air-conditioned comforts or those who have been left to fend for themselves in the open. The 45 degree hell, mercilessly offers no respite to those who have to compulsorily withstand it. Driving with the whizzy air-conditioner, it seems fabulous for the select few to be on the right side of the heat shield.

Enter now to the other side of the spectrum, for which, few care to spare a thought. For the people engaged in maintaining public services, the sun is as merciless, and heat as excruciating as their work is almost thankless. Managing traffic for example, by traffic constables has been among the most painful jobs one can even think of. In the uniform and mostly on roads, stopping and navigating traffic, penalising violations, and often the subject of ridicule and vehemence, the lot of these men and women in uniform has often been ignored. Considered synonymous to corruption and anarchy, most of the times their contribution to the general well-being of the society is seldom recognised. Police machinery of the country remains over worked and underpaid. Basic salary of the constabulary in Delhi Police, for example, is an out-worldly Rs. 3500 and the so-called emoluments indefinitely makes the person yield to temptations to earn more through other means. Even the metropolitan benefits to any constable in Delhi amounts to Rs. 60 per month!

So if you begin to raise your voice after you are hauled for traffic violation, pause to think of the man who stands both against the sun and against your wrong doing. Its high time we do so.

Kumar Anuj

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