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When prevention is better
Inspite of its many wrong doings, US has achieved what others could not

‘The recent thwarting of a major terrorist attack plot in the JF Kennedy International Airport in USA amply vindicates the fact that the war against terrorism is far from over, the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the execution of Saddam and his coterie notwithstanding. While US might have been wrong in its rather needless misadventure in Iraq, yet this need not be a sufficient reason to give up the fight against terrorism altogether. Time and again it has been seen that there’s no dearth of perpetrators in this world who are more than happy to trigger the next blast, kill thousands of innocent civilians, and through the mayhem, justify their often needless cause. Well it isn’t just about USA vs. al-Qaeda. One look around would depict the same picture all over. Recently a lethal terrorst organisation operating in Spain named ETA annulled the ceasefire with the Spanish government which means that the next detonation akin to Madrid blast is just round the corner. In the same league we have witnessed that be it the LTTE in Sri Lanka or the ULFA in India, they have often taken ceasefire as a ploy to buy time and consolidate, only to hit back with more vengeance. For all the censure of USA and its policies, one has to accept the fact that time since 9/11, USA has not allowed a single terrorist attack to take place on its soil. Many might still consider it imperialistic but at least it’s doing exactly what it is supposed to do, i.e. save them from harm. Compare this with what the peaceniks achieved with their soft approach in countries like India. Well, did anybody count the number of blasts that occurred in India since December 13, 2001? Dont even try, for, you can’t count what is countless. Perhaps our lives don’t matter to our government. Over there it does ....perhaps.

Pathikrit Payne

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