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Not just calamities.....
The aftermath kills more and perhaps is more haunting.....

The world moves at its own pace and every time the pace is faster than what our environment can afford, nature unleashes its fury like a slap on the face of the human civilization. Maybe only such environmental hazards and their agonising pain remind us of how vulnerable we still are in the hands of nature. But is it only in nature’s hand that we are vulnerable? Worldover, umpteen examples can be cited where the aftermath of a natural disaster has been made blasphemous by opportunists who cease to be altruists even in times when crisis looms upon lives. When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, doctors of a reputed hospital are said to have given the supposedly dying patients “lethal cocktails of medications” or morphine to relieve the latter of their misery as they put it.During the same perilous condition ‘Sniper Fire’ was used against helicopters and relief workers. Looters with guns had come in boats to attack the Tulane University Medical Center. The 1999 Orissa Cyclone saw another face of trauma. The occupant of the Tehsildar’s office in Kendrapara district was allegedly involved in the disappearance of the Relief Fund. The Tsunami which hit India in 2004 was severe. But what hit harder was the fact that in times of such predicaments, people were thinking of making money. Stories of lungs of children being traded in lieu of money and gluttonous greed resulting in preying on the relief commodities are not something we are unaware of.

Mankind has stooped to such low levels that they have to con one another even in such times of crisis. And we call ourselves god’s greatest creation of all times. Sigh...

Tanaya Bose

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