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Hunting the wild...
What will happen to those who live and defend forests?

The darkness and the serenity that looms over the forests, the silence when pierced by the frustrated roar of a wild mortal and the human souls inhabiting these wild jungles, all seem to be trying to convey a strong albiet quiet message for everyone.

Contemptible as it may sound; it is not just the animals living in the forests throughout India that are endangered but also the natives residing in them. Why is it that stories are countless where a tiger slyly pulls away the young daughter of a honey collector or the rhino charges at people and gores a few? Media does not consider these episodes mention worthy perhaps. But if one delves more into this, can one really blame the rhino or the tiger for unleashing their wild-self on the humans when it is the humans who are tampering with their age-old ecological food chain? Sadly, the victims are those poor dwellers of the wild, who help the Government earn more revenue (from Tourism Industry) by entertaining the tourists and in turn jeopardize their lives for a meager living. The growing Tea Industry in Assam and consequently the release of pesticides in the swamps; implementation of the plan of Sankosh Hydro Project and the annihilation of three crucial Tiger Reserves of Bengal, namely Buxa, Gorumara and Jaldapara; the realization of the plan of Inland Waterways Authority of India to construct a 191 km National Waterway through Sunderbans- are all not just causes for major distortions of the food chain of the wild but are also malicious schemes of human slaughter in disguise.

In this scenario to feign love for animals by saying ‘save the wild’, is at best hypocritical. Also what about those humans who are treated as the sacrificial goats, as the nation climbs the ladder of so called prosperity.

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