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SOS- Save our Slaves
Human trafficking revives shameful memories of slavery

Did someone say that Freedom is a Human Right? For those who nodded in consensus…they ought to be asked if they have heard of the deplorable and inhuman phenomenon of human trafficking.

According to the United States State Department, an overwhelming 6 to 8.2 lakh men, women and children are trafficked overseas of which 80% are females and 50% are minors. Around 14,000 people are trafficked to United States every year. About 3% of the trafficked humans in Ukraine are under the age of 18 [2001-2003]; and around 1420 women were trafficked to UK in 1998, Russia being the major source of women who are trafficked for prostitution. The traffickers primarily infest countries like Macedonia, Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, Western Europe, Turkey, Israel and Russia where the loopholes in the law enforcement and political arena can easily be exploited. This apart, Asia happens to be the land of the majority of child trafficking. Having vindicated with all the data to prove that human trafficking is on the rise, an uglier side to this fraudulent activity is that estimates of children being trafficked have risen upto as high as 1.2 million per year, primarily with a motive of obtaining cheap labor and exercising sexual exploitation. This phenomenon is apparently wending its way into India also with quite a grit. Human Trafficking in this part of the subcontinent has managed to become an organized business. Shockingly, the supposedly most pious city of India, Varanasi, is a major centre of child trafficking. Trafficking is synonymous with slavery. But now that the shameless activity has resurfaced again, its time that humanitarians should wake up to the reality and make a difference to the lives of the enslaved.

Tanaya Bose

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