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R A C I S M : A U S T R A L I Y A
Colour of Kangaroos
Invite the whites, shun the rest and preach the best

DNAIn Australia, the white population during the last century took it high on their agenda to destroy the ethnic aboriginal inhabitants. Even today, the ‘lost continent’ becomes iron fisted and racially chauvinistic when it comes to allowing migrants on its shores. The ‘White Australian Policy’ consisted of a series of legislations from 1830 to 1970 promoting white immigration but preventing non-whites at any cost. The policy might have been abandoned officially but the underlying xenophobic psyche is intact.

The Racial Discrimination Act of 1975 made official support to racism illegal, but the undercurrent racism was more than visible when on one hand Australia was eager to invite the white population fleeing Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe and on the other, it put it’s army and navy on high alert to prevent ships carrying Afghanis and Iranian from entering Australia.

Australian treatment to minorities (at least 15% of Australians speak languages other than English) has been anything but fair. The racial riots of December 2005 fought for keeping Cronulla beach in Sydney ‘Leb-free’ and the racial remarks against the visiting foreign cricketers have all reflected the dirt that lies entrenched. The likes of Pauline Hanson (One Nation Party’s chief and a staunch supporter of ‘White Australia’) then needs to be firmly reigned in before Australia pokes its nose in ‘correcting’ fundamentalism in South East Asia.

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