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S C I E N C E : D N A   R E S E A R C H
For a few secrets
In genes lies the key.

DNAMankind might have won many a battle against lethal diseases but the victory against some of the more deadlier ones still remains elusive. The biggest impediment to our success in unravelling mysteries surrounding the mankind could be attributed to the very fundamental DNA. The panacea for most of the debilitating diseases plaguing mankind, like autism, heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, cancer, Parkinson's, Schizophrenia and Alzheimer lie in unlocking the database concealed in our DNA. For example, it is now known that the Batten disease abnormalities are caused primarily by the structural disorders in the gene, scientifically called CLN3. Today, when most of the world's leading drug manufacturing companies are busy making drugs that could merely reduce or postpone the ill-effects of these life-threatening ailments, what they need to realise is that by beating around the bush, finding temporary solutions and prolonging diseases would prove only devastating in long term. Instead, they need to go to the very root to address the reasons behind gene mutation and to decode the dark secrets lying untouched since it all began. For all the hype around mankind's conquest, we need to first of all comprehend the essence of our existence. Without this insight, all our feats will vanquish as we might get withered away by the tyranny of diseases against which we are totally defenceless.

Shashank Tripathi

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