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W A R : E T H N I C I T Y
War's day Out
World War I I I will be ethnic

WARIf nationalism builds a nation, then sub-nationalism or ethnic-nationalism is all that it takes to rip apart nations. A majority of the conflicts that plague the world today is because of ethnic rivalry in one form or the other and, surprisingly, most of the times even nations are at loggerheads on ethnic lines rather than economic imperatives. The world might try its best to discount Samuel Huntington's Clash of Civilisation theory but today's stark reality pushes this realisation right across our face. In the present day Iraq, it is said that more Iraqis are being killed by Iraqis themselves, than by the US troops. The country is not just divided on the Shia and Sunni lines but also, at its northern front, the Kurdish population has been at loggerheads against Turkey for decades. Probably Saddam Hussein was more successful in keeping this ethnic chauvinism on leash than Bush and his coterie. And today even the exit of US won't change the scenario. Yugoslavia also got disintegrated due to ethnic rivalry between the Serbs, Bosnian Muslims, and Croats while Czechoslovakia separated into two nations, one for the Czechs and the other for the Slovaks. Middle East's biggest crisis i.e. tensions between Israel and its neighbours like Palestine, Iran, Syria and Lebanon could be attributed as a clash between the Jews and Muslims. And the very reason for which even Soviet Union disintegrated was the ethnic tiff between the Uzbeks, Ukrainians, Kazakhs, Georgians, Tajikistanis and many others, who were fed up with the sheer dominance and big brother attitude of the ethnic Russians. Same is the reason for the innumerable civil wars that have almost dissipated Africa, where ethnic genocides are more of a norm than an exception. For all the hype about global village, the quest for one world still remains elusive.

Shashank Tripathi

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